What is Systemando?

Systemando is the web site that allows businesses and professionals to create an Online Personal Archive for each customer, where you can upload documents in different formats (eg PDF, PNG, JPG, WORD). Each customer can access his / her own archive independently through a password and with validation of the web site administrator, in which he can download, read and find archived documents easily.


From the management panel, besides creating and managing customer accounts, you can also edit content, change images, and other operations without having any computer skills.

The customer can subscribe to the site by receiving an email approval code to easily enter and administer the functions dedicated to him. Whenever a new document is sent, the customer will receive an automatic notification email.

The website design is handled in detail by professional web designers, thus becoming a key device to positively influence the target audience.

The website can be adapted to the needs of each client, informatizing on request other manual processes to be integrated with Systemando technology: e-commerce, online payment systems, online booking and any other computerization needs. Contact us to learn more.

The website will be indexed on google and other search engines to be easily found by users by means of keywords.

The website is integrated with social networks to share products and skills.

The website can be managed and consulted by all technology devices: PC, smartphone and tablet.

The newsletter and the blog are two indispensable tools to interact with their customers, keeping them constantly informed about the offers and news of their interest.

Web Folder System enhances interaction with your brand by increasing the perception of dealing with an innovative company.



Systemando represents a concept of digital ecology in which we believe and invest. In addition to reducing business costs, our technology saves thousands of prints (paper and toner) with a consequent reduction in CO2 emissions and non-recyclable material. We are proud to contribute actively to the preservation of the ecosystem through innovative projects.

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